Frequently Asked Questions” – and Answers.

Q: Do you take my health insurance, and do I need a referral from my primary physician?

A: No, you do NOT need a referral for chiropractic. We take Medicare, Medicaid, State Insurance, PPO, Individual and most HMO plans. We also work with third parties on Work Related Injuries, Worker’s Compensation plans and Auto Accident cases. In very rare cases, a referral is needed for a third party claim, but we can usually handle all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.   

Q: What if I have NO insurance (or a really high deductible)?

A: If you have insurance, the co-pay or co-insurance charges will apply. If you don’t have insurance, your fee will be approximately $100 for the complete Spine and Structure Examination. This charge will also cover a review of all test results and findings with the doctor.

Q: How will I know if chiropractic can help me?

A: Together, we will sit down and review all of our test results (including x-rays if taken). If we can correct your issue, a care plan will be discussed, along with a complete review of your insurance and any out-of-pocket fees (copays etc.). If it’s determined that you are not a chiropractic candidate, we will then refer you to the appropriate health care provider necessary.

Q: Do you take care of children?

A: Yes. Everyone has a spine! We specialize in different techniques, all of which are specifically designed to help everyone.  We take care of people of all ages, including pregnant women and the elderly.

Q: What are the most common conditions or problems that you take care of?

A: The most common presentations that seek our care include:

     Pain (neck, arm, between the shoulders, Carpal Tunnel, disc issues, low back, leg, sciatic pain etc.)

     Headaches and Migraines (including Vertigo etc.)

     Numbness and Tingling

     Abnormal Body Function (trouble sleeping; digestion issues, Fibromyalgia etc.)

Q: Are there evening hours?

A: We are open every day until 6:30pm, and we are also open on Saturday mornings.